A Beacon

Beacons are blocks which, if places on top in the middle of a 3x3 square of diamond block. When on the diamond block , Beacon Blocks emit light going all the way to the top of the world, sometimes on slow computers causing little lag and glitches the beacon light on and off.hello 


- Beacon Blocks can be used to mark spawn places

- Can be used to give effects to a near player


Beacon Menu

Beacon Menu

The bean can be used to effect the player with certain effets, such as speed, for a certain amount of seconds. To get effects, you must place an emerald, diamond, gold ingot or iron ingot in the button at the bottom on the menu, and chose the effect you want. To get the effect, walk near the Beacon.


Note: N stands for Nothing, G stands for Glass, NS stands for Nether Star, O stands for Obsidian

In a crafting table; Top Row: G,G,G. Middle Row: G,NS,G. Bottom Row: O,O,O.