PCarpet crafting recipe

Crafting Recipe. Note: Use different colored wool to get different carpet.

Carpets are thin blocks used for decoration. They can be placed on any block, and sneaking (default LeftShift) can place Carpet on blocks you normally cant place on. carpet is very useful, as before 1.6 players had to use wool as carpet, and it got a bit anoying having to do the upstairs rooms floor wool, making the downstairs roof wool. If you put carpet on a fence, you can climb over the fence. Carpets are both items; as they are only 1/16 of a block, and a block; since they cannot be walked through and can be placed on anything.


Note: N stands for Nothing, W stands for Wool. Different colored wool crafts for different colored carpet (e.g. red wool = red carpet, blue wool = blue carpet, etc.).

In a crafting table; Top Row: N,N,N. Middle Row: N,N,N. Bottom Row: W,W,N.


- Carpets must be placed on a block; they cant float.

- Carpets can be pushed by pistons, but will drop an an item if pushed into a hole

- Carpets cannot be crafted with different wool

- Carpets can be used to hide secret redstone


Minecraft Blocks & Items Carpet

Minecraft Blocks & Items Carpet