This page is for the regular Cow. For the red one, see Mooshroom

Health Points 10HP (5x Heart)
Attack Strength None
Drops 0-2 Leather, 1-3 Beef
Spawn On grass, light level under 9
First Appearance Alpha 1.0.8
Experience Points 1-3

[view][talk] Cows are passive mobs that spawn on Grass and drop 1-3 raw beef, 0-2 leather, or 1-3 steak if killed by fire.


Cows are brown with white spots, big eyes and horns above their ears. Cows or Mooshroom Cows can be milked with a bucket to produce milk. Milking can be done infinite times. 


Cows drop 1-3 raw beef and 0-2 leather when killed, and milk when milked. Milk is used to make cake, so its good to find a cow if you want one.


Cows can be breeded with wheat, right-clicking on 2 cows with wheat in hand. The 2 cows will kiss for a second or 2, and a baby animal will spawn. Breeding cannot be done on the Pocket or Pi Editions.