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Crafting Table

Crafting Tables are the base of everything in Minecraft used to craft Items.

PS on this wiki, I use the 'Recipe' and 'As a crafting ingredient' in a crafting table.


Crafting Tables are used to make blocks in a 3x3 square (in your inventory its 2x2), is is the base for making tools; such as pickaxes, weapons; such as swords, and much more.

To open a crafting table grid, right click on it.


Note: N means Nothing and WP means Wood Planks

Inventory: Top Row: WP, WP. Bottom Row: WP,WP

It is impossible to make your first crafting table in a crafting table, since you need to make one to open its menu.

Pocket & Pi EditionEdit

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Pocket & Pi Edition Crafting Table

In the Pocket and Pi Editions, crafting uses the MATTIS system, and all you have to do is pick your desired block and push the ingredients tab. Also, under the ingredients tab is a description, and in some glitches the description is unavailiable.