This page is about the ore. For the item, see emerald

Emerald Ore

Emerald Ore

Emerald Ore is a minerald block that is the rarest mineral on PC and XBox, and isn't on the Pocket and Pi. It is only found in the rare extreme hills biomes, and is only found in veins of 1. It tends to be vary scattered around, and they are never right next to each other. Emerald Ore drops 1 emerald, but when mined with a Fortune III pickaxe will drop 1-4.

Natural OccurenceEdit

Emerald Ore is only generated in extreme hills biomes, one of the rarest biomes. Although rare, they occur from levels 4-32 in extreme hills biomes; the same levels as gold. They are only found isolated, never more then 1.

Data ValueEdit

Emerald Ore: /give @p emerald_ore