Fire still


Fire is an item that sets the player on fire, damaging half a heart every second. Drinking a Potion of Fire Resistance makes the player immune to fire for a few soconds/minutes. Fire is naturally spawned in the Nether and End. The player can make fire from flint & steel or a fire charge. Fire can spread to flammable blocks (such as wool or wood) and burn them down, deleting everything flammable. If you burn down a Jungle Biome (would be very ammusing to watch) with fire, it can uncover Jungle Temples, but you would like to mine some trees first (at least 1 large jungle tree or 4 small jungle trees). Fire blocks can only be obtained by the /give command. 
Before Fire

Before a Fire


Fire is mainly used by griefers to destroy houses, but players use fire to ignite TNT and burn down annoying trees.

During Fire

During a Fire

After Fire

After a Fire

As a crafting ingredientEdit

Note: N stands for Nothing, F stands for Fire

Chain Helmet; Top Row: F,F,F. Middle Row: F,N,F. Bottom Row: N,N,N.

Chain Chestplate; Top Row: F,N,F. Middle Row: F,F,F. Bottom Row: F,F,F.

Chain Leggings; Top Row: F,F,F. Middle Row: F,N,F. Bottom Row: F,N,F.

Chain Boots; Top Row: N,N,N. Middle Row: F,N,F. Bottom Row: F,N,F.


Fire can spread to any blocks within a 2-block radius. Fire can get dangerous when it gets out olf control. Natural Forest Fires can generate when lava spawns next to a tree (it can be amusing to place lava/fire in a Jungle Biome). items, mobs or falling blocks catch fire when falling into fire.