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   This page is for the block. For the thin Glass, see Glass Pane


Glass Blocks are solid blocks that light can shine through. Making glass into glass panes is more efficiant, since 6 glass blocks can equal 16 glass panes. Glass is used for building houses, since during daytime, it lights up the building without any light-emitting block. Glass makes a cracking sound when broken, similar to real glass.


Glass is very useful, as light can shine through. Glass, as a transparent block, can be used in tall skyscrapers to make them look nic(er). Also, Glass can be used above minecart tracks, as the player doesn't suffocate in transparent blocks.


Glass is made from smelting sand in a furnace

As a crafting ingrediant

Note: N stands for Nothing, G stands for Glass, NQ stands for Nether Quartz, WS stands for Wood Slab, NS stands for Nether Star, and O stands for Obsidian

Glass can be used to make:

Glass Panes; Top Row: N,N,N. Middle Row: G,G,G. Bottom Row: G,G,G,

Glass Bottles; Top row: N,N,N. Middle Row: G,N,G. Bottom Row: N,G,N,

Daylight Sensor; Top Row: G,G,G. Middle Row: NQ,NQ,NQ. Bottom Row: WS,WS,WS,

and Beacons; Top Row: G,G,G. Middle Row: G,NS,G. Bottom Row: O,O,O