This page is for the thin glass. For the block, see Glass (Block)

Glass Thin

Glass Pane

Glass pane is more efficient to use then Glass because 6 glass = 16 glass panes, and it is a bit brighter. When placed not touching anything, they forn a + shape. If you place one next to it, it will become a --. If you make one a corner, it will be a  L shape, and if you place one on the other side, a T.


- Are used insdead of glass because of its brightness

- Can be used to make a transparent prison cell

- Because it only makes up some of a block, one can fall through if it is put in a 2x2 square. This can trap mobs.

- Like iron bars, you can make an underwater base because water cant flow through, but the player can.

Trophy Case Glass Pane

A Creeper Trophy Case

Players can make trophy cases, with mobs inside, because panes in 2x2 x3 high, is enough to trap a mob inside.


Note: N stands for Nothing and G stands for Glass

In a Crafting Table: Top Row: N,N,N. Middle Row: G,G,G. Bottom Row: G,G,G. = 16 Panes