Leaves Oak

Fancy Oak Leaves

Leaves are blocks that grow on trees naturally, and drop saplings 5% of the time, and on Oak trees, apples drop 0.5% of the time. There are currently 4 types of leaves, Oak, Birch, Spruce and, on the PC and X-Box, Jungle. Leaves are easy to destroy, but if destroyed with shears, they drop as the leaf block.


- As windows in Classic, since there are no windows in Classic

- As decoration; if placed upon wood gives you a nice potted plant


Leaves will randomly decay if the are not three blocks away from wood. If natural Leaves are not supported by anything, they start to decay. It doesn't matter what wood is stopping them from decaying, probably because in Classic there weren't any Birch or Spruce trees (No Jungle trees; they came out later)

Data ValuesEdit

Oak leaves: /give @p leaves 64 0

Spruce leaves: /give @p leaves 64 1

Birch leaves: /give @p leaves 64 2

Jungle leaves: /give @p leaves 64 3

Acacia leaves: /give @p leaves2 64 0

Dark oak leaves: /give @p leaves2 64 1