Cat breeds

Different breeds of Cats

Ocelots are neutral mobs that spawn in Jungle Biomes. When tamed, they become cats, and become 1 of the 3 colors. Cats will teleport to the player if the player moves to far away. Creepers run away from Ocelots and Cats, making a cat useful to have.


Ocelots are yellow with black/brown spots, a curvy, long tail and green eyes. When tamed, Cats still keep their curvy tail, but for Siamese Cats, they have blue eyes, but Tabby and Ginger cats have green eyes, just like in real life.


Ocelots are passive, shy mobs and will not attack the player. They will sprint away if the player comes too close. If in an enclosed space, they will freeze and quickly sprint out when an exit is made. Ocelots will occasionally attack chickens, and kill them. Creepers will avoid ocelots, even not going to the player when a player is standing near one. This makes cats great pets. An ocelot will also flee if a wolf is nearby, even though wolves will not attack the ocelot.

Ocelot Baby

Baby Ocelot


Ocelots are the hardest mob to tame, since you need to stand ABSOLUTLY still with raw fish in your hand and quickly right-click the ocelot a few times for it to be tamed. Taming an ocelot takes more than 1 raw fish; an average of 2-5 will tame it, but it can take up to ten. The ocelot has to approach the player on its own accord, not if the player chases it. The ocelot also cannot be in an enclosed space; it has to be able to get out if it wants to. If you get close to an ocelot, or if it looks at you, stop immediatly with your raw fish ready in your hand.