Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds Stem

Pumpkin Stem

This page is for the Melon Seeds. For Wheat Seeds, see Wheat Seeds. For Melon Seeds, see Melon Seed

Pumpkin Seeds are seeds ingame that grow Pumpkins. When harvested, the stem drops 1-2 Pumpkin Seeds and the Pumpkin Blocks drops 1 Pumpkin Block. The block can be put into a crafting table, making 4 pumpkin seeds, making Pumpkins renewable. Pumpkin Seeds naturally spawn in abandoned mineshafts.


Pumpkin Seeds are only used for growing melons.


Note: N stands for nothing, PB stands for Pumpkin Block

In a Crafting Table; Tow Row: N,N,N. Middle Row: N,PB,N. Bottom Row: N,N,N.