Sand Block


Sand is a block that makes up beaches and Desert Biomes. It is not very pretty, and has a very low blast resistance. Plus, its affected by gravity


- As it is affected by gravity, it can make a safe elevator for going down. You can place lots infront of you, wait for it to all fall down, and stand on the top sand and start digging down, you can get down safely

- Sand/Sandstone can make the player's skin in pixel art

As a crafting ingredientEdit


Top slot in Furnace: Sand. Bottom slot: Fuel. = 1 glass per 1 sand


Note: N stands for Nothing, S stands for Sand and G stands for Gunpowder

Sandstone; Top row of Crafting Table: N,N,N. Middle Row: S,S,N. Bottom Row: S,S,N.

TNT; Top Row: G,S,G. Middle Row: S,G,S. Bottom Row: G,S,G.