Squids are 8-armed mobs that spawns in water anywhere, and can be a hilarious sight when Squids spawn on waterfalls (which they commonly do) and fall down to their death. Squids cannot live on land, and eventually 'drown'. on land.


Squids have 8 arms, and have a blueish skin. They have teeth that are under the head. Although the are called Squid in game, compared to real life Squids look like Octopuses.


When killed, Squids drop ink sacks, used as black dye. You can then dye a sheep black, although black sheep spawn naturally. Ink sacks can be crafted with bone meal to make grey or light grey dye.


When Squids move, they flap their tentacles behind them. They even do this on land. Squids like to go toward light, and are most commonly found in small lakes. In the lakes you can easily kill them with a sword in 3 hits. Squids can also go against currents, unlike other mobs.