TNT is an explosive block in Minecraft, used to blow holes or destroy unwanted structures. TNT is only found naturally in desert temples.


TNT is only used to blow crators in the ground, destroy unwanted structures or to make traps.


In a crafting tale
Gunpowder Sand Gunpowder
Sand Gunpowder Sand
Gunpowder Sand Gunpowder

= 1 TNT

As a crafting ingredientEdit

In your inventory

= 1 TNT in a Minecart


TNT explosion

TNT exploding (click on picture to see)

TNT explodes when lit with flint & steel, next to lava, redstone powers it, caught in an explosion, or goes onto a powered rail (Minecart with TNT). TNT has a countdown timer. When the TNT is in the countdown, it will flash white and emit smoke. Also, it will turn into primed TNT, and will fall down until it hits a solid block. This means that you can put TNT on top of a mob, and it will fall through the mob and blow it up. If you stand near TNT, you will die. There are some blocks immune to TNT: Obsidian, Bedrock, Water Source Blocks, Anvils, Enchantment Tables, End Portal Frames and Ender Chests. TNT can explode in water, but doesnt damage the terrain. It does kill any mob by it, though, thus making water good for TNT traps.

Data ValuesEdit

TNT: /give @p tnt

Minecart with TNT: /give @p minecart_tnt


Minecraft Blocks and Items TNT

Minecraft Blocks and Items TNT