All the trees in Minecraft

Trees are generated structures that are very common, they are found everywhere exept desert biomes. They are generated with Wood and Leaves. There are 4 types on Xbox: Oak, Birch, Spruce and Jungle, and 6 types on the PC, . 


In Classic, since biomes arent in Classic, are bright and colorful. The only trees are Oak Trees, since there are no biomes to put Birch Trees (Forest Biomes/ Birch Forest Biomes), Spruce Trees (Tiaga/ Tundra Biomes) and Jungle Trees (Jungle Biomes). In 1.7, two new trees were added; Acacia (Savannah Biomes) and Dark Oak (Roofed Forest Biomes).

Wood Types Edit

Oak, Birch, Spruce, Jungle, Acacia and Dark Oak

Tree Types Edit

Oak: Oak, Large Oak

Birch: Birch, Tall Birch

Spruce: Spruce, Large Spruce, Pine

Jungle: Jungle, Large Jungle

Acacia: Acacia

Dark Oak: Large Dark Oak


Trees are one of the first thing a player collects, as wood is the most useful item in Minecraft, used to make everything. Wood can be smelted into charcoal, ideal to make your first torches.

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