Villagers (aka Testificates) are NPCs (non-player characters) that walk around in NPC Villages. They spawn inside the buildings.


Villagers are called 'Squidwards' sometimes because of their long noses. Each villager has a different robe, indicating what profession the villager works as. They have arms tucked into their sleeves, which are crossed on the chest.


Villagers only spawn naturally in natural NPC Villages. They can also be spawned with spawn eggs. They don't despawn. Unlike other mobs, they will not ever wander away from the village, even if there is no barrier.


Villager Children-tag

Villager children playing 'tag'

Villagers will walk randomly around, and will sometimes breed to repopulate villages that have had some villagers killed. If the player kills more than 15 villagers, any natural iron golem will attack the player. Player-made iron golems will not. At night, they will go into houses to get away from zombies. They will chose dark houses over well-lit outdoor places, because zombies can't get them in houses. Villages will chose a random house to go into. If the player is building a new house inside the village's boundaries, villagers will go into that, too. Baby villagers will run around and play 'Tag', chasing the other babies.



Villagers breeding

Adult villagers will mate and produce babies if there are not enough villager adults. Babies don't count as population.


Minecraft Mobs Villager

Minecraft Mobs Villager