Water Bucket

A Water Bucket

Water is a block that is placed via a bucket, or the block which is only got through the /give command. Water spawns naturally, and a water block can spread, but not on top of another water source block.

Still Water

A Water Block


Water has lots of uses; it can be used for distinguishing you if on fire, making an Enderman teleport away if one is close, for making an infinite water source, for clearing away tall grass, for making beautiful structures, making a cobblestone generator and lots more


Main Article: Bucket

Note: N stands for Nothing, II stands for Iron Ingot, 

Crafting Table:

Bucket; Top Row: N,N,N. Middle Row: II,N,II. Bottom Row: N,II,N.

To make a Water bucket, right-click on water while holding a bucket.

Data values Edit

Water: /give @p flowing_water

Still water: /give @p water

Water bucket: /give @p water_bucket