Wheat Seeds


Wheat Growth

   This page is about Wheat Seeds. For Melon Seeds, see Melon Seeds. For Pumpkin Seeds, see Pumpkin Seeds.

Wheat Seeds are harvested from tall grass (Or, on the Pocket and Pi Editions, hoeing Grass). Wheat has 7 stages of growth. From stage 3-5, if harvested, drop 1 seed. On stage 6, 1-2 seeds. And on stage 7, fully grown, will give you 1 wheat and 0-2 wheat seeds


Seeds can be used to grow wheat or breed chickens. Wheat seeds can be commonly found in NPC Villages, as the village's crops.


Seeds can only grow in light level 9 or over. As all plants, Wheat can be sped up with bone meal, making wheat from stage 1-6 immediatly grow to stage 7


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